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Covid-19 Update - Our Commitment and Processes

Covid-19 Update - Our Commitment and Processes

With the spread of Covid-19, come uncertain times not only at home here in NZ but around the world. As our valued customer, we would like to update you that Amino Mantra team is going an extra mile to make sure that our nutritious products are not only healthy but also safe for consumption for you and your loved ones.


Our operations will continue to run, and we will continue to stock supermarkets and deliver our plant-patties from our online stores, for as long as this remains possible. 

We have strict existing protocols around hygiene and allergens in our production facility. With the current situation, we have added extra measures to ensure that our team, our suppliers and our customers can rely on us for their safety. The following protocols are in place:

  • Correct handwashing procedures are followed upon arrival, at frequent intervals during the shift and upon finishing the work. Handwashing before and after changing gloves frequently. 
  • Wearing clean PPE, hairnets, face masks and clean aprons at every shift. Shoes worn in the production facility are specifically for the site and do not leave our premise. 
  • We are regularly wiping down and sanitising surfaces and machinery.
  • Our staff have been briefed that they must stay home if they feel unwell and to contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for support and advice. 
  • Our staff have been briefed to let us know if they plan to go overseas or have come into contact with someone who has come back from overseas.
  • Absolutely NO  animal or seafood products, allergens (gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, mustard, lupin, sulphites, pea protein isolates, egg, dairy, shellfish) any preservatives and artificial additives enter our premises. Other than our products, we do not process anything else in our facility.
  • Flexible vinyl curtains are installed & used when our facility door is opened to receive/send deliveries. Receiving table is set up behind the door, preventing entry of unauthorized personnel. Delivery partners drop off/pick up goods from the table which is wiped & sanitised immediately. Gloves are worn to carry the goods and discarded immediately followed by handwash and new gloves. No contact is made with the delivery partners at all times.


Our courier partners - Courier Post have released the following information on their website:

  1. Couriers will knock on the door as usual and step back two metres (or as far back as possible).
  2. They will ask for the recipient’s name (to record proof of delivery) and leave the parcel on the ground in front of the receiver. The person receiving the parcel will not sign for the delivery directly.
  3. If no one comes to the door and there is no Authority to Leave service in place, the courier will follow the standard process which is to leave a card to call and return the parcel to our depot.
    • We recommend washing your hands immediately after opening a parcel as these do pass many hands.
    • Please put our products in your fridge (or freezer if you choose to) immediately.
    • Amino Mantra has an authority to leave service in place, so no one comes to the door, the courier will leave the parcel at the front door. If your parcel has not arrived, please check around your house in case they have left it somewhere that is not the front door by mistake (e.g. another entrance to the house). If you cannot locate the parcel, please let us know so we can investigate by emailing hello@aminomantra.co.nz.



For customers who are choosing to avoid crowded supermarkets, please remember we deliver nation-wide to all urban areas when you buy from our website.

  • All our plant patties last for 3-4 weeks in the fridge or up to 2 months in the freezer. Each pack has 2 individual packs of 2 patties, designed in a way that if you cannot finish the second pack, you can freeze them too. Please follow the correct cooking temperatures before consuming our products.
  • Please be patient and expect minor delays during this time as like many other food manufacturers, we are working our way through overwhelming demand.


For customers choosing to shop in stores, please help us ensure that our products are not out of stock.

  • If you notice that any of our products are out of stock in your local store, PLEASE take a photo and message us on Instagram or on Facebook with the details - date, time and name of the store. We will make contact with the store buyer to order more.
  • Please be mindful of others’ needs too and remember to keep calm and informed when making plans for your household.

At Amino Mantra, we have always focused on health & nutrition along with allergen-awareness and sustainability. With Covid-19, we have just become extra vigilant on the safety of our team, our suppliers and our customers. Whilst these times are difficult & chaotic, we are navigating our way through them with planning and positivity. We appreciate you supporting us and we wish you & your loved ones best of health and happiness.



Trang and Pritesh