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We believe that food has the power to make a positive difference to our planet, our families and our communities.


We define sustainability as the ability of the current generation to meet its needs without compromising future generations. For us, it’s important that the ingredients we choose and the way we produce our food is sustainable for both your health and our environment:

  • We incorporate zero-waste principles into every aspect of our business, helping to minimise our production impact on the landfill.
  • We ensure that any food waste made during production is composted and that recyclables are directed towards individual recycling streams.
  • Our vacuum pack technology helps increase the shelf-life of our products without the use of preservatives and chemicals and prevents avoidable food wastage due to spoilage.
  • Our outer cardboard box is sourced from sustainable forests and is also fully recyclable.

Giving Back

We realise that a business cannot exist in a vacuum or outside a community. We want to make a difference in the community by supporting organisations that do noble work. For every Amino Mantra product purchased, we will donate a portion of the sale towards charitable organisations that promote health, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.