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When it comes to well-being and health, eating good food is just a part of it. At Amino Mantra, we are always seeking to further our knowledge & understanding about overall health and wellness. We are connected with like-minded professionals who are dedicated towards making the world a healthier and happier place. 


BACKPRO Integrated Health Clinic

Chulhwan Kim - BACKPRO Integrated Health Clinic

Chulhwan Kim

(M.Ost, PostGrad. WMA, B. AppSci. HumanBio, B. Pharmacol, BSc. OCNZ & ACC Registered TPI and SFMA certified practitioner)

BACKPRO Integrated Health Clinic has adapted various contemporary treatment modalities to generate the unique BACKPRO approach to musculoskeletal conditions including Osteopathic manual medicine and Oriental medicine, Western Medical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. All treatment modalities have combined with Exercise Therapy and Massage Therapy along with Ballet Fitness and Aerial Yoga to produce and maintain longer treatment effectiveness.

You can see more about the specialised treatment that Chulhwan and his team offer at www.backpro.co.nz

LUCKE Sportswear

AM-Lucke Community

Garth lives and breathes sustainability and innovation. After launching sportswear made from recycled ocean plastic waste, Garth has now pivoted his business model to fight against Covid-19. LUCKE is on a mission to save the earth from ocean waste, while offering affordable, reusable products. They have now launched eco-friendly, reusable face-masks and they have pledged that for every Reusable Face Mask purchased LUCKE will donate 19% of the net profit to the The World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-19 Response Fund.  You can shop their innovative face-masks here - https://www.lucke.co.nz/


Mum's Garage

AM-MumsGarage Community

Natalie Robinson started Mum’s Garage community to provide startup education, community and business development support to help people to be successful at starting and growing companies. But Mum’s Garage is really on a mission to create a better way of existing, for the founders, the people they employ and the customers they serve. They do this by helping people to discover their unique value and turn it into products and services that can be used and enjoyed by others. Mum’s Garage has played a pivotal role in the founding of Amino Mantra. You can check out amazing work that Natalie and her team do here: https://www.mumsgarage.com/


The Tea Thief 

AM-TeaThief Community

Dave and Ruth began exploring their love of tea whilst searching for caffeine free alternatives whilst going through fertility treatment. They realised how many wonderful healthy beneficial teas were around the world from ancient shamanic herbs to ayurvedic remedies. Now they enjoy the ritual every day of choosing which tea suits their mood and needs. They started The Tea Thief through their passion about exploring and discovering new blends and herbs that have wonderful health benefits that they can share with you. Not just any old tea but high quality, organic, sustainably farmed and great tasting tea. You can check out their amazing collection of teas and order them at https://theteathief.co/ 


Terra Nut Cheese

AM-Terra Cheese Community

Alexandra and Lark fell in love through their shared passion for cooking. Travelling across the world, they settled in Wellington, New Zealand and they started creating vegan, ethical and delicious alternatives to dairy-cheese. Their cream cheeses are made of whole food, plant based and mostly organic ingredients: whole cashews, purified water, New Zealand sea salt, dairy-free probiotics, herbs & spices. Bonus, they're all plastic-free and certified vegan. You can read more of Alexandra and Lark’s amazing story here: https://www.terranutcheese.co.nz/


Zeli Sauerkraut

Zeli Sauerkraut Full range

Vrati Smida is the craftsman behind zeLi!  Chef, artisan, Czech native, and master of infusing the humble cabbage with mind-blowing flavour and scrumptiousness, he has given his childhood staple a culinary makeover. When he couldn’t satisfy his hankering for good, old-fashioned sauerkraut after moving to New Zealand, Vrati rolled up his sleeves and set about making it himself. The first batch was created by combining traditional equipment, old-school craftsmanship and his grandma's original recipe, with fresh and modern flavours. It was so bang-on that he’s been making it that way ever since. As both of us are focused on gut health, Amino Mantra partnered with Zeli to offer our customers the Gut Health Pack (no longer available) . You can read more about Zeli and buy their amazing sauerkrauts here: https://zeli.myshopify.com/