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Our Journey

Our Journey

Hello world,

We are Amino Mantra and this is our first blog. We would like to tell you about our journey and the reason why we started making wholesome, plant patties. 

Like most businesses, our story started with a series of experiences and frustrations, until we finally decided to do something about it.

For us, it began after long periods of feeling particularly run down and overwhelmed. We began assessing what we were eating, the stress we were enduring, and the impact this was having on our health.

Having both worked in the food industry for a long time, we knew first hand the amount of  chemical and additives used in processed food. Although scientific research proclaims that these chemicals and additives are not toxic at low quantities, no one has proper studied the long-term effects of these chemicals and how they accumulate in our body over time.

But the problem goes beyond food to the air we breathe, the environment we live in, the water we drink and the pollution from the food industry.

After we had our baby, we became determined to make a difference for ourselves and for our next generation. We started to do research and began practicing a zero waste lifestyle. We've learnt more about  a plant based diet and how it could help us and the environment. This gave rise to our next problem. We found it difficult to find easy plant based alternatives without the processed ingredients, we were trying hard to avoid. Most still contained highly processed ingredients such as extracted gluten, texture modified proteins, protein isolates and derived gums. With our food science background, we knew how much chemicals are used to get those processed materials out. 

So we started to create our own plant based food using our skills in food science and culinary art to ensure we had tasty, nutrient dense food.

We felt better after changing our diet and enjoyed eating the food we were making. As we watched more of our friends shift to a plant based diet and experience the same problems, we realised our products could add value to their lives too. We became determined and passionate to bring our products to the market. With that Amino Mantra was born.

We chose to name our business Amino Mantra, because we focus on nutrition, the essential nutrients, and a way of living that is better for people and the planet. We are not only providing a product, we are sharing how a plant based diet can empower people to make positive impacts on our health and the environment.