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We are not taking any new orders. Please email hello@aminomantra.co.nz if you have any questions or concerns.


Turn your one-off purchase into Recurring Subscription Order, so you can get your favourite products delivered to your door regularly without having to do anything! You'll also get flat 10% off each order. 

How to turn your order into recurring subscription order:

Turn your order into a recurring subscription order by following these steps:

1. Add the products you like to your cart.

2. Proceed to Your Shopping Cart. At the bottom of the page below the subtotal, you will see the option to change your order from a once off purchase to a subscription, with the 10% discount applied. Select the 'Subscribe & Save 10%' option and confirm how regularly you would like to receive this order.  

3. Proceed to the Checkout. Once your transaction has been completed, your subscription has been set up. 

4. Your payments will come out automatically on the days you have scheduled your orders to be placed (e.g. every 2 weeks or every month). Our standard delivery terms apply.


AminoMantra Subscription Demo

Can I change, pause or cancel my recurring subscription order?

Yes, you can change, pause or cancel your recurring subscription order at any time. You can do this by logging into your account

Once logged in, you can change your next order date, the frequency of your orders, pause your subscription and you can remove products from your recurring subscription order. 

You can also add new products to your recurring subscription order. To do this, you must first log into your account. Once logged in, visit the page of the product you would like to add to your order. You can do this by selecting Shop > Our Products from the menu, then click on the product you would like to add.

Once on the product page, select the quantity and click 'Add to Existing Subscription' button which you will now see under the 'Add to Cart Button.

This will generate a pop up message to confirm that the product will be added to your next scheduled recurring subscription order. 


Freebie Product

As a gesture of our gratitude, we are offering our recurring subscription order customers a Freebie product with their order. This freebie product would be added to your first recurring order of that month, every month. Enjoy carefully curated, premium, plant-based artisan food product that is made locally in New Zealand. 

Q: What if my recurring subscription order recurs twice in a month?

A: You will get the freebie with the first recurring order not the second recurring order in that month.

Q: What if my subscription recurs once every 3 weeks?

A: You will get the freebie for the month that your first recurring order of the month falls into. 

Q: What if my subscription recurs after more than a month?

A: You will get the freebie for the month that your first recurring order of the month falls into.  

Q: Can I request a customized freebie product?

A: Not at this stage, we are curating 1 premium, plant-based product each month and it would be same for that entire month. We will let you know the product at the start of the month. 

Q: I don't want freebie product. Can I swap it for a plant patties or a different product?

A: As the freebie is free of cost, if you choose not to have it, we are not able to discount your order for the price of the freebie or swap it with a different product. By default, we will send a freebie product with your first recurring order of the month. If you choose not to have it, please let us know in advance and we will not add the freebie product to your order. 

Q: Can I have an extra freebie product?

A: We are adding 1 unit of the freebie product at no extra cost to your first recurring order of the month. We are able to add an extra freebie product at an added cost to your order.

Contact us 

If you have any other questions relating to our subscription service, please contact us at hello@aminomantra.co.nz, or via the facebook messenger link on the bottom right hand side of the screen.