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Nutritionally Complete
Eating a plant based diet can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to getting all your nutritional needs—particularly in the case of amino acids. These small chains of protein so vital for building our DNA cannot be produced by our body and so must be obtained from what we eat. The 9 essential amino acids our body requires can all be found in animal protein, but plant based protein sources are generally missing a few. Most plant based food products on the market contain just one type of plant protein, meaning you’re missing out on the nutrients your body needs.

At Amino Mantra we combine different plant protein sources to ensure every mouthful delivers your 9 essential amino acids. Carefully selecting ingredients for their nutritional value, we combine grains, vegetables, beans and seeds to get the maximum macro-nutrients, resulting in food that’s high in protein, dietary fibre and good fatty acids along with unprocessed carbohydrates.

All Natural
We believe that plant based food can be nutritionally complete and taste amazing without the need to mess with it. We let plants be plants as nature intended, instead of trying to make them into meat alternatives. We treat our ingredients with respect, keeping them in their most natural forms and never adding preservatives, artificial additives or ultra-processed extras.

Organic Ingredients
Organic farming closely promotes resource cycling, ecological balance and preserves biodiversity, aligning with our philosophy that chemical-free food can benefit our health and the planet. Wherever possible, we use organic beans, lentils, seeds and vegetables in our products. From organic sundried tomatoes to spray-free fresh Fijian turmeric, every ingredient is sourced with consideration and care.

Hand Crafted 
We make food with honesty and integrity and you’ll taste it in our products.  All our food is hand crafted in small batches by our chef using recognisable ingredients that you can find in your own pantry. From prepping to packing, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring each batch tastes incredible and that every product is made with love and care.