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Giving Back

We realise that a business cannot exist in a vacuum or outside a community. We want to make a difference in the community by supporting organisations that do noble work.

We are working with Cycling without Age Pt Chevalier - a charity that connects elderly people with young cyclists (or pilots) in the community. The program allows riders and pilots to connect with the world, with their community and with nature.

Social isolation is a huge problem for elderly people in the western world, and New Zealand is no exception. Research has shown that there are more than 60,000 severely lonely older people in New Zealand, and loneliness has been shown to have as bad an effect on health as smoking (Age Concern, 2017).

But it is not just elderly people who will benefit. Young adults have been shown to have high rates of loneliness as well, as family structures change and many families live further apart. Many younger people miss out on the experience of having grandparents and caring for an older person.

Cycling without Age provides young people with the opportunity to get outside into the fresh air, away from their phones, and to make a connection with people in their community. This can have a massive impact on the health and well-being of our society.

Check out their awesome work here.