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A chef and a food scientist fall in love…

Amino Mantra is founded by husband and wife team, chef Pritesh Kajaria and food scientist Trang Duong-Kajaria.

Through our years of experience in the food industry we've seen the negative impacts that our modern eating habits have on our bodies and the environment. After we had our baby, we became determined to make a difference for ourselves and our next generation. We started practicing a zero-waste lifestyle and learned how a plant based diet can not only improve our health and wellbeing, but also leave a lighter footprint on our planet.

Disappointed to discover that many plant based food options on the market were full of processed ingredients such as extracted gluten, texture modified proteins, processed protein isolates and derived gums, we began making our own. Using our combined skills in food science and culinary art, we started to produce delicious, nutritious food that made us feel fantastic.

As time went on, we began to meet more and more people who were looking to move to a plant based diet and recognised their struggle to find healthy, nutritionally complete options. Realising that good food can add value to people’s lives, we became determined to share our products with others. We are proudly handcrafting our plant patties in Auckland and sharing the love for good food with people at farmers' markets and select retail stores.

And with that, Amino Mantra was born.