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Roasted Winter Vegetables with Black Truffle & Thyme Plant Patties

AM Black Truffle & Thyme with Roast Winter Veggies
As days start getting colder, we all crave for hot, garlicky roasted vegetables. With Amino Mantra Black Truffle & Thyme Plant Patties, you can add an earthy, exotic twist to your favourite dinner. Easy to prepare and simple to cook, this meal will give you warm fuzzies. 

Gluten-free Vegan Pizza with Amino Mantra Black Truffle & Thyme Plant Patties, Mushrooms & Red Onions

Amino Mantra Black Truffle & Thyme Pizza
Attention all mushroom-lovers! You don’t have to be in Venice to enjoy the double pleasure of Black Truffle & Mushrooms. Turn on your oven & get ready to cook this easy gluten-free vegan pizza in 20 minutes. For the Netflix & chill nights or Sunday brunches with clamouring kids, busy weekday nights or relaxed dinner dates, this quick recipe will please even the toughest maestro. 
Buon Appetito!